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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 29, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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a new york resident. take the 70th floor and see the lights. >> bob: flat earthers can take a hit on that and -- >> kimberly: energy efficient. >> dana: i have a complaint about the quality of energy efficient lights. >> kimberly: we'll see you welcome to "red eye." i'm filling in for greg gutfeld who is getting ready for his big appearance at the villages. let's go to andy levy for our pre game report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> they have a big lunch date on thursday and our allstar panel will weigh in on what they think will happen when bomey meets romney. and why did police tell a woman to take down her christmas lights? the what are on christmas is upon us once again. and finally, did a brazilian hidden camera tv show go too far when it made people think they were trapped in an elevator with a impose girl
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from -- with a ghost empyreal from hell? some say yes, but -- well, actually everyone says yes. tom? >> thanks, andy. nice sweater/t-shirt combo. >> i enjoy your sweater/shirt/tie combo if that is what it is. >> i met her on a passenger trip after hitting an iceberg. she survived, but i died in the waters of the north atlantic. i am here with jedediah bila. and he and i fought a 15-round boxing match in the 1970s. we add rematch and have been best friends ever since. it is matt welch. and he and i became really close while herding sheep in wyoming. it was a hot, sweaty summer and things just happened. it is bill schulz. and i met him as a navy fighter pilot in school, you know in our spare time we played volleyball on the beach with our shirts off. we used a lot of sunscreen. sitting next to me is john gibson, the host of the john
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gibson show weekdays at noon eastern. >> barak and mit have a sit. on thursday the enemies will lunch it out, in their words, at the president's residence with the white house noting, quote, it will be the first opportunity they have had to visit since the election. obama is making good on his word on the night of his alleged victory he said he looked forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. oh his slogan. alass, no -- uh lass, no press allowed so we won't know how awk the talk really is. speaking of lively one on one's.
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>> so many questions. first, what do you wear from a luncheon like this? do you wear a tie-sweater combination like me? >> i think mitt romney will go as mitt romney, the guy in the suit, not the guy pictured pumping gas in la jolla who was in a wrinkled shirt. >> he seems to be taking on a casual thing. did you see him at disney world? hair is wind blown. >> what do you do at disney world? you don't go in your suit. you go to have lunch and if we are all lucky obama will take his advice and maybe make him treasury secretary or the het of the -- or the head of the fed. moi guess is that won't -- my guess is that won't happen. they will have lunch and then mitt will go away and we won't know what was said. >> what goodwill come from mitt romney? he is going in as a loser. obama holds the cards. there is no no upside. >> why not?
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go in and sit down and have a tuna sandwich. you don't have to tell anybody what happened. there is no reason to be embarrassed. i don't think obama is going to tell on him. >> everybody loves doing that. >> matt, shouldn't they meet in neutral territory say somewhere in the private sector like appleby's? >> that's an excellent idea. this is what you could have had. this is the statue you could rub every day for good luck. i think this is the last we will see from mitt romney for four years. he will go full metal dubya. i will have to console myself with being fabulously wealthy and married to a hot woman. >> i guess that's not tough. jedediah sthis the start of a beautiful friendship? can they work it out? >> i don't think so. i don't think anything will come of this. mitt romney made the case that
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he really cared about the future of the country. so he has to go. he has to go and try to hopefully convince barack obama to pay some attention to economics 101 which i don't know if he took or not and get the country on the right track. i think people hate this kind of stuff in a way. these politicians kill each other, basically rip each other's faces off the whole election season. we feel like we are on opposing teams and duke it out and then they sit and wine and dine each other. people feel a little agitated when this stuff happens. >> i'm with you. isn't there a myth that the american people want everyone to work together to solve the problems of the american people? they always say that. i don't think they do. if i get a lawyer, i want him to fight mercilessly on my behalf. when i elect a politician i want him to fight for me regardless of whether it is comfortable or not. am i right, bill? >> no, they won it on the most powerful name in news, but not in the politics hole. tell you something, this makes no sense. these guys don't like each other. this is one of the things, obama kept his word, he is
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coming to lunch. this is one of the things you don't have to keep your word for. these are the white lies you do at cocktail parties when you see someone you hate and they hate you. hi, man, what's going on? good to see you again. it has been a longtime. we should do lunch some time. yes, definitely lunch. but they never go to lunch, and they never see each other again. you just say it. you don't have to do it. it is a waste of time on both their houses. >> did al gore lunch with george w. bush? >> no. >> he grew a beard, and he went and hung out with polar bears, right? >> but obama wants to look like the compromiser. he wants to look like the bipartisan guy. >> he can't do a beer summit with mitt romney. >> do something with baner. >> obama could use some instruction. we hope in this private meeting obama gets some instruction and pays attention
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to it. >> is romney going to have the guts to give it to the president some. >> i hope so. >> well that's a note from mitt to take. from awkward lunches to fiscal hunches. will taxing the rich help the sich? did you get that? that was for situation. warren buffet was on something called "the today show." he said the strategy behind his desire to bleed bucks from his billionaire buddies is how great it will make people earning under $250,000 feel. have a listen, listen havers. >> bottom line, would raising taxes on the wealthiest americans have a chilling affect on hiring in this country? >> no. i think it would have a great affect in terms of the morality of the -- the morale of the middle class who have seen themselves paying high payroll taxes and watch guys like me paying a rate that is below that paid by the people in my office.
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>> was some old guy talking? meanwhile in england we are seeing what happens when you take from the well to do. 16,000 people declared an annual income of 1 million pounds. that number dropped to just 6,000 after the prime minister introduced a 50% top rate of income tax. it is believed many rich brits moved abroad and taking flight to avoid the government bite. for more, let's go live to "red eye" senior business correspondent, bathtub cat. >> john gibson. now this oracle of omaha -- now, are you sick and tired of rich people telling us how much tax we are going to have to pay? >> this is absolutely absurd. what is raising the morale of the middle class going to do for the middle class? is it going to change the
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economy? no. are most people going to get hired? no. it is absolutely absurd for warren buffet to say something like that, and it kind of proves to me maybe we shouldn't listen to him if he can say stuff as dumb as that. joy don't they make a pilgrimage to omaha to listen to his annual shareholders conference or something like that? you are right, he did say raising taxes on the rich was, quote, to give the middle class a moral boost. >> a moral boost. a moral boost. a paycheck would be a moral boost. >> exactly. >> unemploy -- unemployment must numbers going down instead of up. this is absurd. >> doesn't he look like a grandpa? >> he looks like mr. mcgoo. >> don't go bowling with those guys. >> my morale -- >> it is a good t-shirt.
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>> my morale would be greatly boosted if we stopped giving taxpayer money to warren buffet to begin with. he is one of the biggest five or ten or the biggest crony capitalists in the country. he basically went on washington and said, yes, you really need to pass this bailout. afterwards the stimulus. i will help out by investing in every one of the entities you will bailout for pens on the dollars or dimes on the dollar. >> he took this money? >> absolutely. he invested in companies that benefited from the stimulus money at great terms and he made billions. he has profited directly from his ability to convince washington lawmakers that he has wisdom that we should all listen to. when do rich people get to tell me when my morale should feel better. he should have said it in a russian or german accent. >> jedediah, do you fall for
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this grandpa act? >> no. and he knows darn well our system is already progressive. the top 10% pay about 70% of all taxes. he is only interested in pushing success if it doesn't pertain to him, if he doesn't pertain to the cronies or people who benefit from comfy relationships with the obama administration. and it is really insulting to middle class workers to say you need some income wealth redistribution from other people to have your morale boosted. no, these people are perfectly capable of earning their own money if the government would get out of the way and de regulate and put forth these policies. these are capable, confident people that don't need his money. if he wants to pay more in taxes, there is a little line he can fill in that he can pay more in taxes. >> is there a line? >> oh yes. >> you can pay more? is there a line for paying less? >> no. >> i don't make enough money to pay taxes. >> bill, you make most of your money from investments,
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right? >> correct. >> you would be hit by this wealth tax, right? >> plastics. plastics. >> owned by birk shier, right? >> it might be. it is a silly, silly thing to compare us to eveningnd la. we are told that maybe we will go back to the clinton era taxes. now obama says it would be less than that, and that was at 39%. it is not even in the same ballpark. what did you not like about the clinton era, the pace or the prosperity and i look like a human anvil. >> so you want to go back to the clinton -- >> what was wrong with that? >> i would say let's go to the clinton era of spending. the last clinton budget was $1.7 or $3.8 trillion. i am not that good at math, but that is almost double. how do you like them apples, bill some. >> who took those apples and made us heavily in debt?
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>> ending big government as we know it, that's not going to happen under obama. he will get the taxes and go right on spending, bill. >> i don't know. he said he wouldn't. >> let's not gang up on bill. she turned christmas cheer into a cruel jeer. a louisiana woman rigged her lights to look like a middle finger. apparently a mess seeming to her neighbors over some dispute. probably a recipe or something. cops told sara henderson that the display was involved in obscenity laws. but then she did because the aclu sniffed her out saying giving the bird is free speech. they sent a local letter saying henderson would be fine if she reinstalled the lights. there is a highly offensive christmas light display. and nobody said boo. several years ago they shed
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light on the perversity in our midtown midst. >> as you know there are thousands of amazing light displays around the city this time of year, but none more incredible than the one here at 49th and 6th. we'll ask a few people what they think. when you look at these lights what comes to your mind? >> many penises. >> it looks like a large woman's fun device. >> i have to follow that? >> what do you think it looks like? >> talk about women's fun devices. >> you flip off people in the hallways of fox every day. >> is it air brushed out? >> leave it to the aclu, the only instance i can think of where they left it to the lights where it is flipping the bird. normally they say take those
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down. you can't do that. >> what if the wise men were flipping the bird? we split the difference. >> the lady had a dispute with her neighbor. christmas is coming and people put up lights. they should have expected what they were going to get. the lady should be able to keep her lights. >> should the aclu have spoke to somebody their own size? >> i wasn't here last night, but of course i watched. yes, no, maybe so. i kind of like the light display to be honest. i am from brooklyn so -- >> come on, i think we know what it is, we blurred it out. >> i like it. >> what would you tell your kids if you saw that light display? >> don't look at that light display. >> learn how to draw thumbs early, junior. >> the young kids aren't going to do know what it is. the older kids know exactly what it is. so what is the difference? >> that's a good p oi nt. i don't want to make fun of
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the could the in the cich 10. we explained what it is. every finger except oh what are blurring there. we can't stey that. no one know what's is going on. if a child three years of age hears the word middle finger he knows what it is. why are we blurring? >> american hero through and through. i hope she gets better penman ship because that is an awkward thumb there. >> we couldn't tell. it was blurred. >> she has a little pluck to resolve and we all as americans should have more interesting light displays. >> and it is the one instance where i am behind the aclu. you protect that woman's rights to p ut those lights up there. >> we agree it is all about freedom. coming up, which ex-boyfriend is taylor swift's latest song about? john gibson, the inspiration for the song "we are never ever getting back together,
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ever." is this the scarest prank in the history of pranks? spoiler alert, banana.
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will their fake lead to lawsuits later? a brazilian hidden camera show called -- it is not really said like that, but it should be pulled a prank that needs no set up except to say stanley could kubrik would be so proud in portuguese, but you knew that.
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>> that is so terrifying. i need to watch some more. >> suddenly the legacy of candid camera looks like a complete waste of time. mat, you wouldn't even look at the footage when we tried to send it to you. did it comfort you to know that girl was 38 years old? >> no. >> she is on a low wheat diet. >> the whole thing is terrible. i am the last guy there with
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the trem blee fingers. -- trembly fingers. he couldn't go any closer to the corner jie. this is why brazil needs to be stopped. >> i love the brazilians. this is amazing. i have to go visit there. >> i would punch somebody out starting with that little girl. i would have smacked her and her doll and when the door opened i would have found who ever it was and strangled this them. that is the most absurd, stupid thing i have ever seen. somebody can get hurt over that. >> when i tiers saw it i was feeling bad for the people, but then i thought they put this little girl in danger. >> if that was me the little girl would have been hurt. >> yes. i would have kicked out the panels of the elevator and looking for the sick sob who pulled that stunt. >> maybe she was orchestrating it all. >> don't do that to me is what i am saying. >> they are all checking themselves out in the mirror beforehand. >> every person.
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even the really fat dude. that was more of a social experiment than the girl. >> they are sprucing up. >> jedediah, why is it the little girl with the doll scares them so much? >> it is scary, but i feel terrible saying this, but i like it. it is hysterical. i love horror movies. i am the type of person that would go into it and enjoy it. you can stick me in the haunted mansion and i think h is hysterical. but on a serious note, what if somebody had a heart attack or anxiety attack. i hope andy levy is listening, could they sue this place? >> i don't think you can sue in brazil. >> would you have any case? this is unexpected. >> lawyers do not sue in brazil, they wax. that's all they can do. no hair left. no hair left. >> i love the brazilians. >> have one bug-a-boo. you get the girl and the hair and the make up and she looks
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horrifying. can we look at a screen graph here. >> you do all of that and then you, what, you get a doll two minutes beforehand, a betsy betsy-wetsy, but it is not horrifying at all. you clear -- it clearly looks just bought. i would have thought to myself, this thing is a set up. the doll is a sham. you can make a scary doll. it is not that hard. that doll looks like it was bought in wal-mart five minutes before. >> you would have scared the girl. >> i would have worried the camera paned down and i would have had a wet spot. >> i would have lost control of my faculties. >> we all think we are smart and i sit there and not moving. >> do i have 10 minutes? >> i have been on the elevator with you when that has happened. >> so do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something?
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go to fox eye. click on a video. still to come the half time report with tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by giant robot. enormous mechanical devices that can be programed to carry out instruction. thanks, giant robot.
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we are back. to find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far let's go
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to andy levy. >> tom, you use the word urstwhile in the show. >> i think i saw it in the notes and then it was on my mind. i am a real comedian. >> not cool. >> saying urstwhile does president make it better. >> we do that as comedians. >> obama and romney having lunch on thursday. you said if we were all lucky we would take his advice and make him treasury secretary and make him the head of the fed. >> no chance of that. >> tom, you ask what the upside of this is for romney. w45* is the downside. >> well, it is the walk of shame. he goes in there and he is the loser. it is all helping obama. why does he want to go in the presence and then suck it up and drink tea. he can't drink tea. joy he is a gracious man. >> i like the duking it out.
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my debate was the second one when they were going at it. >> all right, but don't you think when the fight is over the boxers hug? >> do they really? they are tired. >> i mean apolo and rocky did. >> oh boy did they ever. remember that trading scene on the beach? >> a different movie. >> short shorts. >> that was rocky three. >> a different movie. >> my question is though, is there anyway that while he is at the lunch he can impeach obama? joy and if he can't figure it out i have the tip. i can't say it on air because it is secret. >> but legally, is there anyway legally? >> don't worry about the law. >> it was a kissinger-esque response. >> i believe these two guys don't like each other. notice my coolness in saying
12:32 am
legit? >> is that short for legitimate? >> yes. >> cool, man. >> john, you said owe bay you ma -- obama can use some instruction. i will guess he doesn't get that way about anything. >> no, you are 100% right. but so am i. he can use some instruction. >> i don't think he would woulden. >> they say raising taxes on the rich would help the morale of the middle class. matt you said there is something creepy about a rich guy telling guys like you how something would make you -- >> it is creepy when it comes out the of -- out of the mouths of the civil servants and creepy when it comes out of the mouth of warren buffet. everybody is telling us what our happiness depends on. >> i think you are right.
12:33 am
>> john, i agree that this is absurd, but this is the world we live in. it is policy based on how it will make people feel. >> to say it out loud it will raise the morale of the middle class taking money from somebody richer when we are not doing anything for the middle class to make them richer. isn't that absurd that somebody actually says that on television? >> i think it is absurd, but i think give him credit for actually saying what is going on here. he is like the first person. he thinks that will happen and middle class people will feel better. >> if i -- if you want to make people feel better stop talking about taxes.
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if you had a flat tax which we would -- if you don't -- if you stop saying oh well they are paying the same tax rate at you, who cares? if they made $5 million they are paying more than those who make $50,000. >> especially since if are you making $50,000 you are not really paying anything. >> on the whole two-thirds of million mares supposedly left when the top tax rate went to 50%, you said, quote, it is believed many rich brits moved abroad taking flight to avoid the impost bite. yes, or maybe two-thirds of them found a way to declare less taxable income. there is no evidence they moved anywhere. >> it is believed. i was crafty the way i said thatment it is believed by some. my sources tell me. >> exactly. cops tell women to take down uh pensive christmas lights. i'm sorry i blacked out.
12:35 am
i think you said you agreed with the aclu. >> yes, they left it to her defense to put her lights back up. >> your reputation is toast. >> i am for christmas lights. in this one singular instance, the aclu is also for christmas lights. so they actually agree with me. >> all right. well, i think the aclu would have no problem with any christmas lights done on private property. >> and behind closed doors. >> no, just on private property. >> that's their stated policy on their website. christians can take their celebration inside their closed doors of their home. >> you are defending the rights outside because it is on her private property? >> no, because it is a middle finger. >> no, it is on her private property. >> it is the middle finger. >> it could have been anything. >> but it could have been -- she could have had anything there in terms of christmas lights. if the cops told her she could have take them down she would have said no. >> i think it was as long as
12:36 am
it was her house -- >> if the cops were out suppressing christmas, i don't think the aclu would show up. the middle finger is involved, we're here. >> all right. mat, this is what i think is the real problem here. after being told there is a free speech issue and the court ruled that the middle finger is protected speech, the police chief was asked what he would do if he put the lights back up. i will approach that when and if that hapts. -- that happens. you were just told the courts have ruled and it is constitutional. >> that's not the way cops act on the street on a given day. here is what the constitution might say. this is what a judge said the other day. cops live in a pragmatic world. that's actually a pragmatic answer which i disagree with. >> i agree with you. the cops who told you to take her lights down or the cops on the beat or whatever, i get that. but a police chief, even in a
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small town, a police chief i would think part of his job is to know better. >> yes, and part of our job is to make ruthless fun of him at 3:00 in the morning. >> andy, you never bore the brunt of small town justice, and i for one pray you never do. joy can you just talk -- >> can you just talk like that forever? >> what we have here is a failure to communicate. maybe i will come down south and talk to you in yore ear hole. joy brazilian elevator ghost girl prank. you asked mat if it comforts him that she was 38 years old. she would have been if she was still alive. all of those yores in that elevator -- all of those years in the elevator shaft. you would scream too. >> i agree with you. i don't know how they made it through with nobody physically uhing taying the girl. -- physically attacking the girl. >> you would, wouldn't you? >> well, if i survived the heart attack and could get to her, yes, i probably would
12:38 am
have. >> i think i would have assumed there is a malfunction in the elevator and somebody was playing a prank on me and i don't like it. >> you don't watch horror movies, do you? >> have you ever watched "the shining"? put yourself in timmy's situation. look at those god awful twins and think, well my first instinct would be to get them. no you run away on your trike. >> not twins, but sisters >> not timmy, but danny. >> good lord. jedjedediah, i love horror movies, but you are a sick, sick person for liking that. >> i'm sorry, i know. >> that's just wrong. >> i'm sorry.but i know if i --h so many horror movies that if i was in that situation i would have known it was a prank. it is just too fitting. i'm sorry. there is something wrong with me. >> i watch so many horror movies that i would have known it is real. that's the problem. and lastly, bill, your rant about the doll is stupid.
12:39 am
the doll doesn't need to be scary. >> the doll kneads to look like part of the actual scene. >> no, the fact she is carrying a doll is freaky. >> the shiny plastic would have caught your eye and you would say something is a miss. >> i am calling you out. >> i am calling you in. >> i am done, tom. >> you are not done, tom. >> thank you, andy. coming up, puppies for everyone. but first, how many e-mails did bill clinton send his president? more than zero and less than infinity.
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he is is the latest to fall because of add -- aderol. the tampa bay corner back is the latest in a handful of players disciplined for using the drug typically prescribed to treat adhd. wright said he was taking the
12:43 am
drug for health issues, but the nfl didn't buy it. adderall is on the list of banned substances. adderall can help increase focus and decrease an. >> tee and an energy boost. it is like a hundred cups of coughy foo. let's discuss this -- a hobbed hobbed -- a hundred cups of coffee. >> let's cuss -- let's discuss this in the lightning round. >> jedediah, you are a fan of big, burly football players who are on stimulants. tell me, where do you stand on this debate? >> wrong already. i am a fan of little skin me nerds, actually. >> hello. >> and you like the horror scene in the elevator? >> there is something wrong with me, i already admitted it. i hate these guys that do this. they are so lucky to be given the position they are in. they are making millions of dollars. so many people would die for these opportunities, and then they just blow it by taking
12:44 am
these ridiculous drugs. and it is his laziness. all you have to do is submits a doctor's prescription and it would have been fine? joy that probably proves it was not a big deal to him. john what do you think? if they will not take adderall they will take something else. >> uh -- apparently it is a medicine for an actual condition. if the player is not focused and didn't have energy he would take a drug to get back to normal. if the drug makes him normal why is it performance enhancing instead of just returning him to his normal state? >> that's what i say. i think it is the same with steroids. roger clemens, the man was old. he takes it just to get baying to his normal -- get back to his normal 28-year-old self. >> we are talking about adderall. >> matt, why do they take adderall, why not drink coffee? >> hundreds of cups. >> if you drank 100 cups of coffee you would die.
12:45 am
which ever doctor said that should not be quoted. adderall helps people younger than us do their homework in college. michael money gnaw han -- monihan was on this show. he wouldn't be on this show if he wasn't on adderall. it is a prescription drug and helps you focus. it is not a big deal. it doesn't turn you into a monster who can return kickoffs. >> you know about the affects. the h in adhd is hyperactivity. why do you take a stimulant to help you bring you up? >> it is essentially anphetamines, but it does help you focus i am told. this is very true. wide receiver brandon marshall from my be loved chicago bears was asked about this. he said adderall, oh, a lot of the guys are taking viagra for whatever blood thinking stuff or saying they are taking viagra to explain away the locker room [bleep].
12:46 am
>> oh wow. >> think about it. >> very interesting. >> do the math. there has to be a couple of them. >> next topic. bill clinton revealed that he wasn't much into e-mail during his two terms as president. speaking at a tech conference. bubba explained, quote, i sent a grand total as two e-mails as president, one to our troops in the adriatic and one to john glenn when he was 77 years old in outerspace. meanwhile in other clinton news, jennifer flowers has claimed bill reached out to her as recently as 2005. said flowers, he wanted to come by my house and talk to me. he said "i will put on a hoodie and jog up there. he used to do that." well, did he used to do that? >> i have no idea. but you ran a picture of jennifer flowers in the old days. you should see the one now. i don't believe this. i think this is bogus. >> do you think somebody called her? >> i don't think anybody called her. i think she wanted to get on
12:47 am
tv. >> bill called her. >> and the e-mails between 1993 and 1998, i might have sent less than clinton sent. you guys don't remember, some of us came to that slowly back then. >> so you are saying you are not surprised? >> i was saying do you think clinton was lying? jedediah in the 90s when e-mail was first out, that's when i first cents the first e-mail. i was e-mailing everybody, even everybody i didn't like. >> i was mad. i think they would have been juicey. we would have found something worth reading. i wish he sent more. joy he was a phone call guy. he picked up the phone. >> i bet he showed up in person. >> 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. i don't see why it is so surprising that 1998, 1993 somebody his age, my age wasn't sending e-mails. it is common. >> we can learn a lot from bill clinton. these politicians are getting in trouble with e-mail and sending pictures and photos. he was discreet. could we have learned from
12:48 am
him? >> i am in favor of nineties nostalgia. how many e-mails did we get from mitt romney and barack obama and joe biden if he knew what a computer is. i am happy when a president is not bombarding me with fundraising e-mails. i don't believe in story that involves bill clinton saying the word hoodie. >> bill, you told me you don't use e-mail at all. how are the computer classes coming? >> no, i use snail mail, but it is like e-mail because they deliver it to my customers. i put e in an envelope and send it to them. that's what they do. they take it and go -- >> i don't even know what that means. i don't know what this e is. >> mooy either. >> time to take a break, but more stuff is on the way.
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last topic, a private space exploration company has come with a rough price tag for a ticket to mars. they say the trip will cost $500,000 per person which is
12:53 am
almost half a million dollars. there is a rapid and reusable rocket that can land vertically. remember how they used to do it in the cartoon. it came sliding back down. that's never going to happen. what do you think of this guy? jay he and jennifer flowers got together. let's come up with something. this is absurd. when neil armstrong walked on the moon, united airlines took reservations for the first trip to the moon. i called. i got a reservation. i said do you still have that list? are you kidding? it was just a stunt. this is absurd. >> see, this is it. you really wanted to get to the moon, didn't you? >> i don't want to go to mars. >> i am still angry. when i went to the doctor to get my stitches, i got five in my lip, they put me in a straight jacket and told me i was going to the moon, a
12:54 am
little boy in the 1970s. >> that is really cruel. >> were you in an elevator? >> it was scare yes, sir than that. scarier than that. >> jedediah, this will happen in the future, maybe in terms of inflation. $500,000 is not going to be that much to go to mars. >> what will be enticing on the moon? i have to know what is there. >> you mean mars. >> mars interests me less than the moon. the moon is romantic. >> full of cheese. >> i have been reading about that in romance novels. i will go with the moon. mars, what is there? what is the lure? >> i don't know what the lure of mars is. it is not good up there. >> red stuff. >> i would rather read an entire volume full of jedediah's poetry about the moon than fly to mars. that's how little i want to go to mars. >> that's not nice. >> one of the other things about this, he wants 80,000 people up there living in these tent things where they will grow earth crops.
12:55 am
there is frozen water on mars, but it is really frozen. somehow they have to melt a lot of water to grow corn and wheat and broccoli. >> ice skating. >> i think somebody is yanking our leg on this. >> there is seven billion people on the planet now. >> there are 80,000 people who want to go to mars. there are 80,000 people who have -- there are already guys growing up in -- going up in orbit. they paid in the millions to go up in orbit for awhile. this is great. it is private industry who is actually solving something that nasa has completely -- >> that's what i was looking for. the reason magazine angle. >> don't privatize it. just allow people to do what they want to do. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. what does reason have in common with jerry lewis? >> we will run a telethon next week. i don't know if he will run again in his life, but they are doing an annual thing where we try to have people give us money and we act goofy in front of the cameras. >> excellent. jedediah, do you have a message for greg? >> have i a message for greg because -- i have a message for greg. i am so proud of him. he did a speech at the reagan library. i have been arguing for him to go to college campuses and people need to check it out. he did a good job and i am proud of him. >> we i willed dit that out. >> are you kidded out for the war on christmas? >> i wrote the book and then i stepped back where other people can fight. it it is still going on, and you can take my place


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